The Refugee and Migration Crisis in Europe: Lecture at the Catholic University of America

Garde Lecture Photo 4 11.18.15Garde Lecture Photo 2 11.18.15.JPGGarde Lecture Photo 11.18.15Migration in Europe, 151118

What kind of social and clinical work is being carried out in times of turmoil and drastic change with millions of fellow human suffering and seeking asylum? We need to enhance our social interventions on the individual, group and structural levels. New configurations of Social Work practice are challenging current congregations with crossover-interfaith schemes, shared buildings, community-oriented services in marginalized urban areas, replacing homogeneous diaconal or charitable work. Solidarity and Social Work 2.0.

#innovativesocialwork, #socialworkandmigration, #socialworkandrefugees, #socialworkandsolidarity


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