Lebanon is not Germany

I just read a ”wonderful” expert report on waste management in Lebanon, made with support from the German Development Agency. http://www.sweep-net.org/sites/default/files/CASWD%20LEBANON.pdf

They just forgot that Lebanon is not Germany. I also wonder whether they have been leaving their desks and visited the streets of Beirut. One of their conclusions read: ”The state of cleanliness in the major Lebanese cities is remarkable.” I wonder then from where they found the cover picture of the report, a typical Lebanese city, Maybe a good example of what they mean with ”cleanliness?” A another conclusion is about ”stakeholder commitment”, which sounds wonderful in a text book on organizational development but how would that work in a sectarian and confessional failed state like Lebanon were nepotism and wasta are the main ingredients of power? So what are the main conclusion and the lessons learnt? Contextualise, state not only the ”what-should-be done” but also ”how-it should-be done” with all the obvious obstacles of sectarian and confessional politics with the lowest levels in the world of bridging trust.  Lebanon is not Germany. #wastamanagement #lebanon #garbagelebanon

They just forgot that Lebanon is not Germany. #wastamanagement http://t.co/Ck95VZUPxm


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