Staying alive in your ”living systems logic”?

living systems

What are you, shaped by ”conventional”, ”hybrid” or ”living systems logic”?
I was once inspired by ”Dynamic  management”, shared with me in a session in Teheran by an Iranian-American with a PhD from California. He was fed up with the two management major leadership styles taught to generate ”leadership” in the organisational landscapes of corporation cultures in the land of ”freedom” and the nation of the mullas. Not much ”living systems logic” here?
We need more intuitive, inter-cultural methods of leadership and organisation cultural in addition to the conventional text book models and styles taught in most of our business schools and universities. Are you still alive? How about your organization? It will die, sooner or later, the question is when, why and when! Until then, live and thrive (inshallah) in the ”living systems logic”.
Here is some inspiration:
#hybrid organizations
#living systems logic


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